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Dynamiq Market Intelligence was founded in 2016, and has successfully established itself as a leading and trusted consulting company in the wound care industry.

Dynamiq MI focus on Market Intelligence in the medical device area, with emphasis on the global Wound Care and Single-use Surgical equipment markets. We offer consulting services to help companies bring structure to an unstructured world of rumors and beliefs.

Market estimates, finding the right partner to bring a product to market, identifying potential acquisition targets, creating business cases, are only a few examples of what we can assist with.

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Do you see fact based analysis important to support strategic market desicions?

Dynamiq MI uses available sources on the market to lay the incomplete puzzle for different markets. Revenue, growth rates and market shares. Crunching numbers is fun! All analysis is based on facts as far as possible, but then there is always a great deal of estimation involved. This is what we do, every day.

Are you looking to expand your product portfolio, but not sure where the greatest potential might be?

Many countries are challenging to track, as there is limited information readily available. Dynamiq MI have experience tracking most leading countries in the world. Growth drivers and limiters are key to understand before entering a new market.

Not sure what company to buy, to acheive the greatest synergy effects?

We know the wound care market, and have an extensive network of key stake holders in the industry. We can help scanning the market for potential acquisitions, assist in connecting you with the right people, and support in the ever important due diligence process.

Do you see a strategic advantage of being up to date on what the competition are up to?

Dynamiq MI can help you stay on top of the market. News monitoring and recurring market reports are some examples.

Do you want to implement a structured process to gather input from your local market experts?

Gathering input from local markets is key, they are the real market experts. But you also want them to focus on growing the business. Dynamiq MI have a solid experience and tools to help make that process as efficient as possible, without compromising the quality of the input.

Are you an early stage company looking to bring a great product to market? Need partner to grow?

Dynamiq MI have helped serveral companies navigating the challenging first years, identifying market potential, assisting in finding the right partner and other strategic decisions.

Are you looking to develop your Market Intelligence function?

Dynamiq MI have hands on experience on how to step-by-step build and develop the team and function. Everything from gathering intelligence, how to stay relevant, communication with in-house stakeholders, building networks and competitor profiling, to tying all the knots together in different market analysis.


Dynamiq MI are working with the leaders in the wound care market, below are some examples.


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Lennart Stadler Founder and CEO
  +46 733 23 23 26
  Strandvägen 4
      S-435 35 Mölnlycke

Lennart is a driven Market Intelligence professional, with experience from developing global market intelligence functions and running market intelligence consulting projects for leading companies in Wound Care and Single-use Surgical Equipment businesses.

Lennart was responsible for the global market intelligence function at Mölnlycke Healthcare. Well, he actually developed that function, which earlier was spread around in different geographies and departments. When scouting for the best market intelligence providers in the market, he identified SmartTRAK, and worked closely with them for several years. When it was time to leave Mölnlycke, it was a natural step to work even closer with SmartTRAK. Today, Lennart is part of the SmartTRAK team as an independant analyst, working with all leading wound care companies on a regular basis.

DynamiqMI partners with companies looking to develop their business in different ways. With a clear goal to minimize "guesstimations" with fact based analysis, structure unstructured information into useful analysis, DynamiqMI supports companies in sizing business opportunities in various ways.

Lennart has a background from Finance and Controlling, ERP (SAP) management, Project & Change Management, Process improvement and Implementation of new processes and tools. Specialties include Competitive Intelligence Analysis, Business cases, M&A analysis, Project Management, Controlling, Wound Care, Change Management, CI Tools implementation, Communication.